Friday, July 21, 2017

Beginning with an introduction...

Greetings! Welcome to our blog and journey of our little homestead! I wanted to start with a great THANK YOU for stumbling upon our story and life.

"We may not have it all together but together we have it all"
-Wookie, All Together

My name is Melissa. Together with my boyfriend, Matthew, we want to share our journey of our home and small gathering of animals. I am a full-time Certified Medical Assistant at a large hospital here in Michigan. While, Matthew works for the village we live in as well as doing landscaping care the other days.
Matthew and I after my college graduation, May 2017

Matthew and I have been dating since 2013. I moved into his previous house with him shortly after. In fall 2015, we sold that home in town to enjoy life with more property. We currently live on 25 acres with lots of woods, fields for planting, a lovely pond, and a big red barn.

When we moved to this home, we had only two animals. We now have grown to 19!

In 2014, we traveled to southern Michigan to pick up our first pet together - an arctic fox!
Chief is a polar arctic fox and turned 3 years old on May 18. He has been the most trying animal and also the most rewarding. There are times I want to pull my hair out but other times that make the trust we have gained worthwhile.

Our foxy boy, Chief

In early 2015, we added to our household - a puppy!
Sargent Eugene is a 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog who's energy level exactly matches our fox. While he may not be the most loveable dog, he is very protective and smart as a whip. He is our Sargie boy and is a great addition to our household.

Sargent Eugene

Easter 2015, a cat joined our crew! Miss Katie is her name, catching mice is her game. Katie came to us after my Great Grandmother passed away and she had no where to go. Katie has been a great cat to have at our home.

Miss Katie
In spring of 2016, we added eight chickens to our little farm! Through some difficult and sad times, I currently only have four of the original eight I purchased. Of the original girls, I have two Silver Laced Wyandotte's (I call my evil twins as they are pretty feisty hens) and two Barred Rock hens named Lucy and Evelyn.
This past spring, we added four more hens to our flock. We have three of those girls left as one died from an impacted crop. Thethree are Maxxi (Black Austrolorp), Blanche (Isa Brown), and Persephone (Black Jersey Giant). These girls are so sweet and are still living in our garage as I am not ready to let them out with the big girls yet.
And last of the chickens, a friend of Matthew's no longer wanted to keep chickens so we acquired four of his eight hens that he had. All white girls that I can say are great layers of big brown eggs.

The next additions to our small farm, four goats! Three we will be keeping while the other goes to a friend. Until then, we are caring for four goats. One goat is a LaMancha goat named Georgia. LaMancha goats have small ears and are great for milking. Georgia's protector is a Nubian goat we call Mama. She's larger than Georgia and will be a great milking goat. The other two goats are Nigerian dwarfs and are mother and baby. The baby goat is what our friend will be taking while the mama gets to enjoy life at our homestead.


The very last addition, last for now ;)
a small kitten named Hugo. We obtained Hugo from Matthew's cousin and he has been the most rambunctious kitten! At about 8 weeks old now, he is so playful and cuddly!

Hugo the boss

I'll end this blog post while some may still have your wits about you.

I hope you will continue to return to our blog to learn, experience the triumphs and sometimes losses, share and explore the wonder. We look forward to hearing from everyone!!

❤ Matthew & Melissa

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